About myDebito

  • What is myDebito?

    MyDebito is a brand of EUROSOLVENT Inkasso GmbH & Co. KG. We help you get a grip on your backlog of bills and offer you a quick and easy online payment method to achieve this. 

  • How does payment work at myDebito?
    You can easily submit your payment via Paypal, credit card or direct debit.

  • Is a login required?
    For the allocation of your payment we only need the file number.

  • Claim

  • Why have I been contacted by EUROSOLVENT?
    EUROSOLVENT is always commissioned when a company has an unpaid bill. In such a case, we will try to arrange a settlement of this claim and find a solution together with you.

  • The claim has already been paid by you. What you need to do
    The bill we are reminding you of has already been paid by you. Then please send us proof of payment. However, if your payment has been made after we have been instructed to contact you, you will still be liable to pay the late payment charges incurred.

  • How do I stop the process?
    The collection process is stopped as follows:

    • After payment of the total claim
    • Via an installment agreement

    If you have already settled the claim or it is not justified, please contact us immediately. 

  • How can I make an instalment agreement?
    To make an instalment agreement with us, please contact us. We will discuss with you which possibilities are available and how you can best implement them.

  • I can't keep up with my instalments, what should I do?
    Should you ever be unable to pay your instalment, please contact us immediately. Because that’s the only way we can solve the problem. If you do not react at all and we do not receive the instalment, it could mean that EUROSOLVENT withdraws from this agreement and the entire claim becomes due.

  • Collection costs

  • How are the collection costs calculated?
    If the bill is not paid, the contracting party incurs additional costs, the default costs. This may also include costs for the commissioning of a debt collection agency. The amount of the collection costs is based on the lawyer’s fee and is regulated by law.

  • Do I have to pay the collection costs?
    Since you have not followed up on the payment of the bill and your contracting partner now has to make additional efforts to get paid, you are obliged to bear these costs.

  • What can I do to keep the costs down?
    In order to keep the costs down, quick action is required, as the costs are also calculated according to the effort involved and increase during the process.